Prototyping Work – Stone Notes: Product Design, Prototype for Journaling [April 2023]
A hardware device to guide mindful journaling using haptic technology, called "stone notes". The stone notes are custom shaped to ones hand using 3D scanning, with touch-points that sense emotional signals. Through vibrations and sensory cues, a meditative state is initiated to surface a stream of resonate awareness
The hardware details have glowing haptic sensors and calming textures, the beautiful aquamarine color is made of amazonite stone, with prototype base-models in stone-grey and blue
Explorative Features:
Display of sensory recordings, visuals, sounds, and beyond. A channel one can tune into that also allows connectedness between other journalers. The stone note molding and shaping to ones hand over time, The journaling process timeline and stone note interaction - choosing to journal directly through the device by speaking, transcribing into a digital journal, +
This idea came about as a need to implement a calming routine through the habit of journaling; providing a gadget to improve emotional well-being.